How to be Successful with Drop Shipping in 2020

Successful with shopify drop shipping
Drop Shipping has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years and as the competition rises I often hear phrases like: ”Drop shipping is dead!” ”Drop shipping doesn’t work anymore in 2020” ”You’re too late, drop shipping is It’s too saturated!”
It’s definitely harder to succeed with drop shipping in 2020 than it was back in 2016 but there’s no such thing as saturation. The market has enough space for everyone. But one thing for sure doesn’t work anymore and that’s lazy drop shipping.
To become successful with drop shipping in 2020 quality is key.

Follow these Steps to Become successful with Shopify Drop Shipping

1. Do Your Market Research

Do Your Market Research
Like mentioned, there’s a large amount of drop shippers out there and the number is growing every day. To prevent you from having to compete with a ton of other people selling the same product, do your research to find your perfect niche.

  • What are their problems?
  • What are their needs?

Do your research before start building your store. Because you won’t have to change your store afterwards. You want to have a clear line that to follow when building your drop shipping business.

2. Take Product Research Seriously

To be successful with drop shipping in 2020 you have to focus on a niche. It’s all about convincing your customers that you’re know what you’re doing.

Consider using a professional product research service or a product research services like EcomHunt or Niche Scraper. Tools or services like these make it a lot easier to find winning products and save you so much time and money that you would spend on testing products that don’t sell anyway. Sell products that you can identify with in a certain way but don’t listen on your intuition when it comes to choosing a product to sell. Trust the numbers!

3. Build a Brand

To have success with shopify drop shipping in 2020 and beyond building a brand is the way to go. You won’t build a brand over night but it’s important that you have to be clear from the beginning on about your brand and what it stands for.

Branding starts of course with the name. So think of a good name and a slogan that makes it easy to know right away what your business/ brand is all about.

Even though it’s easier to buy a domain inside shopify I suggest you buy your domain with namecheap. Namecheap is the best and cheapest domain registrant out there. And their customer service is just on another level.

If you’re unsure about how to connect the domain you’ve purchased with namecheap just follow these steps. It’s actually as easy as 123 and you’re ready to go.

4. Build a Clean and Branded Store

After doing all the research, it’s time to build a flawless store around your products in your niche. Build a brand by using the good domain name and pay attention Make sure you you answer all questions customers might have about your products already on the store. To do so, check on amazon for the reviews of the product you’re selling  and search for questions people are asking. Try to answer these questions in your product descriptions. And please don’t just copy the product description from other stores. Be unique and use the product description to answer every possible question a potential customer might have before they even ask. Since writing sales copy is not everyones thing consider using a professional product description service.

5. Be Honest to Your Customers

To build a sustainable long term relationship to your customers it’s crucial to be honest about the shipping times. If your product is cool enough and your store trustworthy people won’t care that much if they have to wait for 3 weeks for their product to arrive.

6. Use Original Video Ads

Please stop using the exact same video ad like everyone else is using. I mean honestly, how the hell should you be able to successfully scale an ad set when there’s a ton of people using the exact same video ad for the exact same product? Start by searching for some good video footage for your product for example on facebook or youtube and then use only the best parts of these videos and create your own. Consider using a professional video ad creating service. If the video works and you’re getting sales, believe me it’s 100% worthwhile ordering the product and shot a video yourself. Otherwise you most probably will have a hard time scaling your ad sets.

7. Build Trust

Making someone buy from a store they’ve never heard about before takes quite a lot but it’s possible. To achieving this, it’s absolutely crucial to make a trustworthy impression. People often tend to overdo it with trust seals and payment badges which rather makes a scammy impression than a trustworthy shopify store.

Consider using an online store certification service. That might cost a you a 30$ per month but on the other hand customers recognize certified stores right away.

8. Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Getting someone to buy from a store they’ve never heard about before takes quite a lot. Obviously converting cold traffic directly into customers works pretty good with facebook ads but it’s expensive and advertising cost will increase even more over the next years. The first purchase from a customer is always the most expensive one. So focus on making your customers as satisfied as possible with the goal to make them return to your store and buy again. Therefore offer a perfect customer support. Answer customer inquiries within max. 24 hours.

9. Be Aware that Drop Shipping is Considered a High Risk Business

Don’t be scared because of this but drop shipping is considered a high risk business and when you closely read the terms and conditions of Stripe and PayPal you will find out that they actually don’t support drop shipping. It works though but you really have to be prepared to deliver them proof of delivery including tracking numbers and so on to have access to your money. Here I describe the problem with using PayPal for drop shipping more detailed.

10. Focus On One Store

As soon as you’re getting constant sales the temptation is strong to start building more stores in different niches but in reality this is one of the biggest mistakes newbie drop shippers do. Rather than running multiple stores in different niches focus on a single store and scale it to the moon. Doing so you will not be more successful short term but also in the long run because you just learn much more about drop shipping and e-commerce as a whole.

Start Today!

When it comes to being successful the most important part is always to start. No one has become successful just be reading a lot about drop shipping. Starting now is the most important step to becoming successful. . The best thing with shopify is that you can build your store for free. You only get charged after 14 days.

Start your success story today!

You still can process payments but you can’t pay for your facebook ads anymore and even worse, you can’t withdraw your money. And believe me, sooner or later this happens to every drop shipper who’s scaling big time with facebook ads. It’s just a question of time.


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