My name is Tim and I'm a full time Drop Shipper.

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more money.

The Shopify Struggle Is Real

Have you been struggling with getting consistent sales with your shopify store? Do you have a hard time setting up profitable ad campaigns? And are you wondering what’s causing this? Whether there’s something wrong with the store, with the ads or even with the product?

Let me help you.

Drop Shipping Store Optimization to the Max

Optimize your shopify store to the max and succeed with drop shipping and e-commerce in 2020. Increase the conversion rate of your shopify store and increase the revenue. More sales, more money, less ad spend.

Facebook ads are powerful and still work in 2020. But when you’re having a hard time being profitable while running ads you have to ask yourself. Is your store perfect? And are you even sure you’re targeting the perfect audience?


Increased Conversion Rate

Convert more of your website visitors into customers.

Less Ad Spend

Ads are expensive! Use your marketing dollars smart.

Less Abandoned Carts

Convert more of your website visitors into customers.

More Organic Traffic

Get found easier by those who are ready to spend money.

Higher AOV

Increase your average order value and make more money off every order.

Better Crediblity

Get more returning customers and build a long term relationship.


Purchase an optimization report

42-point audit process by Tim

Custom report delivered within 5 days

Skyrocket your sales

''No matter how much experience you have with drop shipping and e-commerce, I will find the errors that hold you back from making more money. When you show me something you consider perfect, I'm that kind of guy that finds at least 3 errors at the first glance.''

Tim Hutter

Basic Store Audit

I Will Find Every Error of Your Store
$ 79
  • Review of the Store Front End
  • Checking the Conversion Funnel
  • Checking 3 Product Pages
  • Error Report Delivered Within 5 Days
  • 3 Day After Sale Support

Advanced Store Audit

I Will Find Every Error of Your Store and Ads
$ 149
  • Review of Store Front End
  • Review of Store Back End
  • Checking the Conversion Funnel
  • Checking 3 Product Pages
  • Error Report Delivered Within 5 Days
  • Checking Your Ads
  • Bulletproof Targeting Suggestions
  • 7 Day After Sale Support

Professional Store Audit

Complete Business Optimization
$ 299
  • Review of the Store Front End
  • Review of the Store Back End
  • Checking Your Conversion Funnel
  • Checking 3 Product Pages
  • Checking Your Ads
  • Fixing Funnel Issues
  • Full Report Including Strategies Delivered Within 5 Days
  • 25 min call to talk about your ads and about your next steps
  • 14 Days After Sale Support

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful drop shipping youtube will never show you their current successful store. They always show you what has worked for them in the past.

100% Yes. If you’re not satisfied, neither am I.

Actually you can find out by trial en error but that will cost you a lot of money since you have to test a lot of different ad sets and by tweaking your store. The more efficient way is to have a flawless store before you start testing with Facebook Ads. Therefore I highly recommend you optimize your store first.

The answer is pretty simple. It can be helpful to a certain level but most likely you won’t receive a lot of good advice from people that are competing in the same space.

The I recommend you to click here and I will then analyze the potential of your store with a specific product so you can decide yourself about the next steps.

Then just contact me or purchase the 1 on 1 eCommerce Coaching. I will help you with everything you need. In this case I will show you how to set up profitable ad campaigns.

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