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100% Yes. If you’re not satisfied, neither am I. However I can’t guarantee for income. If you need guaranteed income contact me for a 1:1 coaching. 

95% of all drop shippers will benefit from this service. However, if you’re unsure just send me your store URL and I’ll tell you if your money will be well spent.

I focus on optimizing the conversion funnel of your shopify store. From your homepage, landing page or product page to your cart, checkout and thank you page. Depending on the package you purchase, I give you product and niche specific suggestions for your store (Basic), create a custom report based on your store and your advertising strategy with specific suggestions (Advanced), or rework 100% of your online store and your ads and send you a custom report with additional info (Professional). In the Advanced and Premium Package we will have a phone call to talk about your next steps.I also offer phone consultations, ad creative creation, digital marketing management, custom coding and other services.

Purchase either a Basic, Standard, or Premium Optimization Report and I’ll send you an email within 1, 2, or 5 days with your report, respectively. For an additional $50, I guarantee the report to you within 24 hours. If you order the Premium report, there will be additional instructions in your confirmation email before I can get  started.


I recommend the Premium package as it gets you the biggest bang for your buck. If you have time and know how to implement all the suggested changes, then you can opt for the Standard package. Only buy the Basic package if you truly cannot afford either of the other options and are sure your ads are 100% perfect.


Yes. I pay affiliates 10% commission per order. You can sign up here.


Generally, no. My service is an investment. Its goal is to make you more than you spend. 

I thought you’d never ask! I’m a Swiss nerd who worked in research & development for a Swiss pharmaceutical company and then became and environmental engineer. In 2014, I fell in love with marketing. Take a look at the About Me page. There’s a brief timeline towards the bottom.

On average, you can expect a 20-25% increase in conversion rate revenue. within the next 7 days. and another 10-15% in the following 7 days. This is true for 80% of drop shippers who have ordered my Premium Store Optimization Package where I analyze and optimize your store myself. Some drop shippers earn +2000% and other earn only +10% within 1 week Many factors go into this including how many products you are selling and what kind of ad creative you’re using.  No matter how much you earn, you will have a much clearer, attractive online store. If your ad creative or your product itself is the problem, I will help you out with this.

A successful drop shipping youtube will never show you their current successful store. They always show you what has worked for them in the past.

Actually you can find out by trial en error but that will cost you a lot of money since you have to test a lot of different ad sets and by tweaking your store. The more efficient way is to have a flawless store before your start testing with facebook ads. Therefore I highly recommend you optimize you store first.

The answer is pretty simple. It can be helpful to a certain level but most likely you won’t receive a lot of good advice from people that are competing in the same space.

No problem, just purchase the Premium Store Review and I will fix everything so you end up with a perfect store ready to crush it.

The I recommend you to click here and I will then analyze the potential of your store with a specific product so you can decide yourself about the next steps.

As a professional drop shipper I can assure you, when someone thinks their store is perfect, in 99% of the cases it’s not. But I get your point. When your store looks decent you should have at least some sales. That’s right. But what if you have chosen the wrong product?  I’ll assume you are currently making some mistakes with your facebook ads. Click here and I will review your facebook ads strategy and give you advice on how to make them convert.

Or even better, click here and I will fully review your store and your ads and I’ll provide you with a custom report and I will have a 15 minutes phone call where we talk about your next steps.

Actually it’s really hard to find a product that you can’t sell to someone. Because there’s always someone out there liking this product. It all comes down to marketing. But even if you’re a facebook ads beast, when your store is not perfect, you will have a hard time converting your website visitors into customers

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