Tim Hutter

My name is Tim Hutter and I'm a Digital Marketing Specialist, Drop Shipper and the Founder of Optimizestore.com

I help e-commerce business owners make more money.

About me

My Name is Tim Hutter, I’m originally from Switzerland but now I’m a full time digital nomad without a permanent residence. I’m living the laptop lifestyle and earn my money online. I’m a facebook ads nerd and I dream of conversion funnels retargeting campaigns at night.

I love drop shipping but what I love the most is helping people. My goal is to help people and to prevent them from all the horrible experiences  experiences I had on my journey. 

I’m not a typical online guru at all. I don’t even wear Gucci (actually today I’m wearing the same board shorts I got as a present 2 years ago), I don’t sell crappy video courses because I know that this course would not answer your specific questions. Neither do I  promise you making money online is easy because it’s not. But I promise you that working with me is like working with a very good friend, because I actually care about you and your struggles.

With more than 4 years experience with digital marketing and e-commerce I’m pretty sure I can help you.

Also I’m pretty jacked. Some years ago fitness and bodybuilding was my main purpose in life. Also I can do crazy flips but I guess that’s not what you want to know. 

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My Skills

Besides doing standing backflips I’d say I’m a beast with shopify and paid ads, especially facebook ads. I make a living off drop shipping so I gotta know how it works. 

As you can see my google ads skills are pretty limited. I will work on that though.

After my ad account got disabled multiple times I took the facebook blueprint certification to proof them that I’m actually a legit advertiser.

tim Hutter

My Story

My e-commerce and digital marketing journey actually started 7 years ago when I discovered fitness and bodybuilding.

I was working working in the research & development department of a swiss pharmaceutical company, and  I was skinny. I wanted to gain some muscle and started going to the gym, then I discovered bodybuilding. This brought me to instagram. I saw all these people who made a living off online coaching. This became my goal. Within 3 years I built a physique like a super hero. But no clients. This was where I started to realize that you can have the best product or service but without marketing you’re not able to sell it. 

Then everything started. I was no longer interested in being an online coach, now I wanted to become an online entrepreneur and I’ve tried everything, and most of it failed. 

Affiliate marketing was the first thing that made me a decent amount of money but by far not enough to make a living. Then I discovered drop shipping. First it sounded like a dream until it became a nightmare. At this time I was still working full time studying engineering and training in the gym 6 times a week. Btw: I hated every second at work.

But I kept grinding and grinding but I failed.

I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars. Even though every shopify youtuber was talking as if drop shipping was easy. It took me years to become successful with e-commerce. 

Now some years later I’m living as a digital nomad and run multiple e-commerce businesses. And this is only the beginning.

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident about my skills that I offer money back guarantee for all my services. 

Any Questions?

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