Abandoned Carts On Shopify and How to Reduce Them

Abandoned Carts on Shopify and How to Reduce them

How to reduce abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are the nightmare not only for every drop shipper but also for everyone who’s into e-commerce in general.

You spend a ton of money on ads to get people visit your website. You’ve put a lot of work in product research and you’ve built decent store. And People seem to like your product because they’re adding to cart and some of them buy but a lot of people just add an item to cart and then all of a sudden leave your store without leaving a trace.

In fact about 40-60% of all add to carts don’t lead to a sale!

But why is this and how can convert abandoned carts on your shopify store into purchases?

5 Bulletproof strategies on how to reduce abandoned carts.

I will explain you the main reasons why people abandon their cart and how you can reduce them effectively.

Why do People Abandon Their Cart?

Actually there’s a lot of reasons and since humans don’t work like robots. Sometimes you just can’t tell what was going on in their head when they left your store after adding to cart. Fortunately the vast majority of abandoned carts have a specific reason and even there’s a solution for most of them. So Let’s have a look at why people abandon their cart and what you can do to make them finish the purchase. Most abandoned carts are caused for the following reason.



People Don't Trust Your Website

Build a Trustworthy Website

Let’s be honest. There’s just too many drop shippers with spammy looking websites out there. Not that they would scam people but there’s also a lot of scammers on the internet. Scammers tend to use a lot of scarcity elements to force people buying from their website. And people recognize those websites.  Since there’s a lot of competition in e-commerce you gotta keep up with them right?

And here’s the point. And I don’t say elements like low stock counters, payment icons, countdown timers and such are bad thing in general but just don’t overdo it with using these elements!


Even though trustworthy ness is something subjective using too too much scarcity elements make a website looking scammy.

Build trust by being transparent about your business and about your products. For example on this website.

Don’t use too many trust seals and payment icons.

No elements like countdown timers or low stock counters are used at all. When your product is good and you’re focusing on the product rather than on just forcing people to buy no matter what you will have better results and less abandoned carts.

People are Distracted

One of the most common reasons people abandon their carts super simple. Nowadays people often have a lot of tabs open and they just forget that they still have something in their cart on your website.

Use a Cart Reminder

The solution to this is also super simple. What you need is a cart reminder. That ‘s just a plugin that catches the attention of someone by displaying ”something” next to the favicon. There’s a lot of shopify apps that can do this. For example Cart Cart or consistent cart. Definitely worth while

shopify abandoned carts
This is what a cart reminder looks like.

People just forget about it.

After spending money for people to come to your website and adding something to cart you don’t want them to forget about their item in the cart or even about your store. Unfortunately this happens very often. People click on an add, they like the product add it to cart, close the browser or window by accident and then they can’t remember the store.

Use Abandon Cart Emails

Fortunately there’s a solution. It’s called abandoned cart emails. As soon as a customer abandon the cart they will be sent a series of emails reminding them about their item in the cart. Provided that they have already opted in their email. To get the email you can use an add to cart pop up which requires opting in the email to add something to cart. 

Care Cart or Consistent Cart do the job here. Both for the email series as well as for the add to cart pop up.

Add to Pop up
Email Opt in Popup
Abandoned Cart Recovery Email
Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Campaign

Add to cart popup greatly increase subscription rate!

Cart Recovery Email
Here you see how much the email subscription rate increased when adding an add to cart popup on one of my test stores.

Delivery Time is too long.

This might sound like the death sentence for every drop shipper but Yes, often times are the delivery times just too long. Especially in times where people are used to Amazon’s 1-2 day delivery. But don’t be scared, drop shipping still works even with shipping times of 2 weeks

How to reduce abandoned carts

Be Transparent on Your Product Page

  1. Of course you could search for a supplier which has a warehouse located in the country where your customers are and I strongly suggest to do so. 
  2. You could buy the products in bulk and send them to a fulfillment center in your country resulting in much more compatible shipping times.
  3. The easiest solution which still works is to be honest about your shipping times already on the product page. Of course, a lot of people will then not add to cart but since facebook is super smart. The algorithm will adjust over time and show your ads to people you add to cart an purchase despite the long shipping times.

Low Quality Traffic

This might sound strange but a lot of abandoned carts are caused by low quality traffic. There’s  actually a group of people who add to cart but never purchase. You can try it yourself by targeting India. You will get a ton of traffic and ad to carts for cheap but no purchases at all. 

Target other Countries and Optimize for Conversions

  1. Target different countries since abandoned carts are mostly caused by people of poor countries. This might sound harsch but it’s the truth. So stick to targeting the e-packet countries for better results.
  2. Optimize for ”conversions ”in the facebook ads targeting section. Because when you optimize for ”add to carts” facebook will deliver you a bunch of add to carts but no sales. It’s simple as that. This also shows how powerful facebook is in finding people who will perform the desired action on your website.
How to optimize for conversions on facebook


Abandoned carts are a nightmare to every drop shipper and it’s one of the set screws that can decide whether your drop shipping store is profitable or not. Therefore you should really care about decreasing the rate as much as possible by preventing them on one side and by trying to convert them to purchases. Of course you will always have a certain amount of abandoned carts and it can be frustrating but see it as an opportunity to beat your competitors by focusing on keeping the rate of abandoned carts as low as possible.

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